The Hawaii Pacific Foundation's mission is to provide educational opportunities to Native Hawaiian communities. To do this we support many organizations in Hawaii that share our common goal of building STEAM programs, creating scholarship opportunities and giving our youth more access to educational outreach.



The Hawaii Pacific Foundation operates many businesses that represent a variety of industries and marketplaces. They all are committed in supporting the Hawaii-Pacific Foundation's mission to provide opportunities to Native Hawaiian communities. Click below to learn more.



The Native Hawaiian Organization status that we hold is a unique business opportunity for fledgling companies to take hold advantage of. Using this program we are able to generate steady support for Native-Hawaiian communities and facilitate increased opportunity the firms within our organization.


Strengthening Hawaiian Communities For A Brighter Future

The mission of the Hawaii Pacific Foundation is to empower Native Hawaiian communities by supporting programs that improve access to opportunities for success that principally serve Native Hawaiians.

We further our purpose by advancing education; primarily through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education, and preserving cultural values and practices to inspire hope, strengthen families, foster learning, cultivate leadership, and develop stewardship.



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